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Why Banner Advertising on KCWD and KNWA?


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Online bargains reach your target market with a website banner on and/or Our listeners are the power demographic (primarily ages 35-64) and check our websites often for:

  • Cancellations & Announcements
  • Concerts & Community Event info
  • Contests
  • Pet Patrol
  • Goblin Sports Info
  • Email Alerts & More!

Banner advertising on and can be a highly effective way for your business to announce new products, build your brand, and drive sales. By creating an integrated marketing campaign with radio spots and online banner ads, you add power to your sales message.

5 Advantages of Online Banner Ads:

  1. Boost website traffic and sales. With banner ads, you can put your message in front of future customers. Drive clicks to your website and generate sales from interested audiences.
  2. Advertise new products & services. Do you have a new service or product to tell the world about? Banner ads can help you by giving you the freedom to say what you want, not only with text, but also photos and animation.
  3. Build your brand. Your brand name is one of your most important assets. By building trust with your customers, they are more likely to purchase from you - not just once, but repeatedly. It's tough, however, if your website is new or your company is not widely known. Banner ads allow you to get your website name and even your logo in front of your audience.
  4. Find new customers. With search engine advertising, people have to know to look for your product or company name. But with banner ads, you can put your message right in front of them. Introduce yourself to new customers to win new business.
  5. Easy and cost-effective. KCWD and KNWA put affordable banner advertising within reach of our customers. Supply your online banner or our website provider can create one for your business. Use your banner ad to promote a specific product or service, develop a special offer, or create a general ad to build brand awareness.

The professionals at KCWD and KNWA radio can help you decide the right banner ad package to boost your business.